Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. What is TransView?

Transview is a new approach to reducing traffic congestion by providing commuters with the most current transportation data available.

TransView is currently being developed by the City of Tucson, Department of Transportation with financial assistance from the Federal Highway Administration and Pima Association of Governments.

The first phase of TransView includes the development of a web-database gateway that will dynamically generate web pages based on the transportation information in our databases. We hope that by sharing road closure information, commuters will make informed decisions about the best route to take to their destination, while reducing congestion, improving safety, and reducing vehicle emissions.

Some of our visitors may help us achieve those goals by choosing not to drive at all. For those visitors, we are compiling a comprehensive library of bus, bike, and paratransit information.

TransView, Phase II encompasses the development of the real-time video and average traffic speed feedback system. Phase II will provide commuters with real-time graphics that represent the activities on our roadways.

The third and final phase of TransView will involve developing the transportation data coordination center. This will help us better manage our roadways through the implementation of a central repository for all regional transportation planning data. During this phase we will work toward developing multi-jurisdictional regional data coordination partnerships with regional planning organizations, government agencies, and utilities.

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How can I get my City listed in TransView?

We are able to provide low cost web hosting, database, and system integration services to help bring your municipality on line with TransView. Please contact for more information.

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